MyStaff App

Our solution is designed for the frontline workforce ensuring that the regulatory requirements defined by the management will be adhered to at all levels. Eliminate unnecessary time spend trying to stay up-to-date and actively monitoring individuals' policy and guideline compliance. Let MyStaff App do the work for you by quickly integrating the application through the Easy "Plug and Play" Setup.

Included Features
Review data alerts
Automated ‘review date’ alerts to document owners and authors.
QR Code Access
Fast access to frequently used documents via 'Favourites' or QR codes.
Change Log & Notifications
Staff members are immediately alerted about changes to policies or guidelines.
Error Avoidance
Significant reduction of 'human-error' risks taking place in everyday work.
Guided Workflow
Single, easy and fast workflow from document creation to company publication.
Automated version control
No risk of out-of-date polices through automated version control.
Easy "Plug and Play" Setup
Create/Import Documents
Owners of documents are provided with an online document creation tool. To import, create, update and approve documents based on access rights.
Enable Staff Access
Native mobile app for Android & iOS or Mobile web. Information documents can be instantly shared with staff but also external persons through generic emails or an QR code.
Assign & Share Policies
Users can browse or search for documents, bookmark frequently used documents into a favourites section. Updated guidelines & policies are also flagged in the app.
Gain Quality Insights
Thorough analytics tracks the status & compliance of contents available for company reporting. Also tracks the tool utility to manage departmental adherence to best practice.