Policy Management

Our digital Policy Management solution is designed to enhance your policy management strategies, simplifying policy creation, enforcement and monitoring to promote compliance across all levels. It is possible to connect it to the MyStaff App for enhanced frontline applications.

Policy Database
Policy management can be considered standard practice for businesses, establishing a structured framework for guiding employee behavior and decision-making in alignment with company values and industry regulations. The module includes a free policy database for you to use or draw inspiration from.
Attach or Create Policies
The module offers the ability to seamlessly attach existing policies, and for situations requiring new policies, the solutions's intuitive interface assists in the creation of new policies. Users can also link policies to many other places in the plattform ensuring easy access and adherence.
Policy Control Hub
With Zazoon, users can easily distribute policies to employees, track their acknowledgment and compliance status, and maintain a detailed log of interactions. This ensures real-time insights into policy dissemination and adherence, enhancing transparency and accountability within the organisation.
Premium Policy Management with MyStaff App
If you are looking for a Premium Policy Management Solution that will drastically improve operational efficiency and frontline compliance, then MyStaff App is right for you. Take your policy governance to the next level with our dedicated mobile and desktop app, offering extended features for enhanced flexibility and oversight. Whether you need robust compliance tracking, in-depth reporting, or advanced policy automation, we got you covered. Unleash the full potential of policy control with our intuitive, user-friendly applications designed to meet the unique demands of your business, all while integrating seamlessly with our MyGRC cloud software.