The ESG module of our GRC software enables companies to seamlessly integrate environmental, social, and governance considerations into their decision-making processes to promote sustainability and responsible business practices. With comprehensive data analysis and reporting functionalities, our ESG module allows companies to track, measure, and optimize their ESG performance to ensure alignment with global sustainability goals.

Platform to Perform ESG Assessments
Our comprehensive platform is designed for performing ESG assessments to identify risks for the company. This feature enables our clients to thoroughly assess their ESG issues and integrate ESG aspects into their company-wide internal control system and corporate governance in the long term.
Develop Targeted Measures
With our software, you can not only identify ESG risks but also develop targeted measures to minimise or manage these risks. This helps you optimise your company's sustainability strategy and meet the growing demands and expectations of your stakeholders.
Comprehensive ESG Questionnaire
Our comprehensive ESG questionnaire is developed based on a wide range of international ESG standards and laws. It is used to map internal processes and policies related to ESG-relevant topics, ensuring that your company operates in compliance with current regulations and best practices.