Internal Control System

This Module provides a robust Internal Control features, designed to streamline compliance and risk management. Our dynamic Dashboard, Entity Level Control Questionnaire, and Control Web facilitate seamless control, improved compliance, and holistic risk management, all aimed at enhancing your business's resilience and success. Explore these tools to fortify your organization's security and operational efficiency.

ICS Cockpit
Our Internal Control System comes with dynamic dashboard organised for the Internal Control System guides users through every step, from defining their process landscape and identifying risks to implementing effective measures and controls to empower users to maintain the highest levels of control, business continuity and operational performance.
Entitiy-Level Controls
With the Entity Level Control Statement users receive a valuable tool to systematically evaluate and enhance their organisation's internal controls. This enables users to identify vulnerabilities, improve compliance, and bolster risk management, ultimately leading to a more secure and resilient business.
Automated System
The solution automates many procedures and operations and connects all relevant areas of the internal control system. Users can easily navigate and access critical information, ensuring a holistic and interconnected approach to compliance and risk management.