About Us

We are a team of dedicated IT specialists, compliance, data protection and risk management professionals, each with an extensive track record in diverse industries. Our shared mission led us to unite in our endeavour to develop an innovative, user-centric GRC solution - conceived and crafted by users for users.

Our Origin Story
Established in Zurich in 1999, Zazoon AG emerged as a visionary venture founded by a group of dedicated IT specialists. Over the years, we have transformed from our humble beginnings into a dynamic leader in the GRC and frontline governance landscape, driven by innovation, expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our Journey to GRC and Frontline Governance Innovation

Three years ago, our journey took a momentous turn as we unveiled our revolutionary GRC and frontline governance software solution. Fuelled by a passion for technological advancement and a profound understanding of GRC and frontline staff challenges, we have crafted an unparalleled platform that empowers organisations to navigate complexities with confidence.

Our Zurich Heritage

Based in Zurich, a global hub for innovation and finance, our headquarters is the nucleus of our operations. This strategic location enables us to stay at the forefront of industry trends, offering you solutions that are both cutting-edge and rooted in a deep understanding of the GRC and frontline governance landscape.
Our Leadership Team
Walter Jucker
Nabil Khokhar
Board member, CIO
Richard Beck
Board member, Head of German office
Julien Pantleon
Head of Business Development
Bayan Furutan
Irina Kotorova
Head of Operations
Our Philosophy
Ethical Business Practices
Ethical conduct and social responsibility are integral to our identity. We are unwavering in our commitment to conducting business in a manner that upholds the highest ethical standards. This includes a dedication to transparency, fairness and integrity in all our dealings.
Environmental Stewardship
Our commitment to making a positive impact extends to the environment. We recognise the importance of sustainable practices and continually seek ways to reduce our ecological footprint. By embracing environmentally friendly policies and initiatives, we aim to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.
Equality and Inclusivity
At Zazoon, we fervently believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities, respect and recognition, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, age or background. We are committed to maintaining a workplace that is free from discrimination and bias, where every team member is empowered to thrive.
ESG Commitment
Our commitment to ESG principles goes beyond the bottom line. We recognise the critical role businesses play in addressing pressing global challenges. We prioritise transparency and accountability, actively seeking to create positive impacts that extend beyond our immediate sphere of influence.
Our commitment
GiveDirectly Charity
GiveDirectly is a nonprofit organisation operating in East Africa that helps families living in extreme poverty by making unconditional cash transfers to them via mobile phone. GiveDirectly transfers funds primarily to people in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Zazoon has committed itself to share a percentage of its earnings to GiveDirectly every year.
Climate Foundation
The European Climate Foundation (ECF) is a philanthropic initiative to help tackle the climate crisis by fostering the development of a net-zero emission society at the national, European, and global level. The ECF supports over 700 partner organisations to help deliver a socially responsible transition to a net-zero economy and sustainable society.
Our Customers and Partners
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zazoon ipo börsengang grc
zazoon ipo börsengang grc
zazoon ipo börsengang grc