ISMS & Business Continuity Management

ISMS and BCM enable institutions to comply with legal requirements, protect their assets and ensure stable operations in the face of various threats. ISMS and BCM modules provide an integrated and systematic approach to risk management and business continuity, which is an integral part of modern corporate governance.

Business Continuity
Provides a planning and management tool to ensure the continuity of an organisation's operations even during emergencies, thereby maintaining business processes and customer service. It also helps reduce financial losses associated with business interruptions, as well as reduce the impact of disasters on the business.
Risk Reduction
Allows organisations to identify, assess and manage information risks, minimising the likelihood of information security incidents which can increase trust among customers and partners, which can improve an organisation's reputation. identifying potential threats and developing actions to mitigate them. The tool also helps organisations better manage risk and increase risk resilience.
Using our tool, organisations not only comply with regulations, which often require companies to have disaster recovery plans in place but also with various international IS standards. We also provide companies with mechanisms for documenting information security and business continuity policies and procedures that can be used in internal and external audits.