What's in it for you?

Are you tired of working with spreadsheets and sharepoints all day? Do you have the feeling that there must be easier, faster, digitised and automated ways of organising your internal processes? You don't want to fall behind your competitors but don't really know what digital solutions are available to you? If any of this sounds familiar, then it's no wonder because you are looking at the top three reasons to connect with Zazoon. Find out what exactly our solutions can do for you and simply reach out to get a call or a free demo from us.

Decrease in process-related work
Through our integrated and streamlined process and controls documentation, the user was able to significantly save time and effort regarding the documentation, implementation and maintenance of process and controls related tasks.
Reduction in vendor disputes
Using our vendor management module, our client distributed contracts and terms and agreements with its vendors and distributors, leading to measurably fewer disputes and conflicts with such parties.
Decrease of risk exposure
In utilising our state-of-the-art risk management and evaluation framework, as well as the interconnected Zazoon platform, the account holder materially improved their risk assessment and responses, as well as their ability to plan, prevent and address identified threats: especially as it pertains to market and supply chain related risks.
Cutback of audit expenses
Using our audit preparation and reporting tools, the user significantly saved time and resources for audit planning, as well as providing evidence and records.
Diminution of admin tasks
Since using our automated and systematised modules the client has notably reduced the redundance of tasks and the work involved in maintaining proper archives and files.
Core Benefits
Regulatory Compliance​
We help organisations comply with regulatory standards by automating compliance tasks, tracking changes in regulations and providing documentation for audit trails.
Risk Management​
Zazoon helps organisations identify, assess, and manage risks effectively through tracking, automating assessments and providing real-time risk alerts.
Enhanced Security​
Zazoon includes features for managing IT and cybersecurity risks, protecting sensitive data and responding to incidents among secure servers and access management settings.
Operational Efficiency​
GRC software automates routine tasks, enhances efficiency and improves the accuracy of processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings for your business.
Audit Preparedness​
Zazoon helps businesses be ready for internal or external audits by maintaining comprehensive records of all compliance and risk management activities.
Smart Decision Making
Zazoon consolidates data for a holistic view of GRC activities, leading to better insights and informed decision-making at the operational and strategic levels.
Centralised Data Storage
Zazoon manages governance, risk, and compliance data in one system, eliminating silos, promoting information sharing and enabling thorough reporting and analytics.
Business Continuity
By ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and helping to manage related risks, Zazoon can also contribute to an organisation's sustainability efforts.