Third-Party Risks

This module offers the ability to address third-party risks. It allows you to create and distribute assessments, continuously monitor, and remediate risk factors, such as expiring contracts and certifications. This ensures the resilience of vendor partnerships and protects against external vulnerabilities impacting your organization.

Third-Party Database
Our module provides a third-party registry designed for effective third-party risk management. This includes the storage of general third-party information, as well as contacts, contracts, assessments, and certifications. All of this data can also be linked to others instances of the Zazoon platform.
Track Partner Deadlines
Organisations can easily set and monitor deadlines for obtaining critical data from external partners, ensuring timely compliance and seamless collaboration. This functionality streamlines communication, reduces operational bottlenecks, and enhances overall efficiency in managing third-party relationships.
Assess & Remediate
The solution includes common third-party risk assessments, in addition to assessments that users can create on their own to identify vulnerabilities and areas of concern within their operations. Furthermore it provides targeted remediation options for your third parties, enabling effective issue resolution and regulatory alignment.