Data Protection

Compliant with EU (GDPR) and Swiss (revDSG) data protection laws, our module is engineered to strengthen your data protection measures, providing robust data management, enhanced security, and regulatory compliance to safeguard sensitive personal information.

Use Best Practices
More than just providing the framework for setting up your data protection compliance, our solution already includes recommended data protection policies, processes and documents. This allows you to save time and costs and establishes a secure compliance posture right from the start.
Easy Process Workflows
Under data protection laws, organisations are required to create specific documents as evidence of compliance with the law. With Zazoon, you can easily generate all of these documents in a structured process and download them with just one click.
Efficiency At Its Core
Whether reporting data breaches within 72 hours or responding to data subject requests within 30 days, efficiency is crucial, even in a compliance context. That's why we've designed the module to harness the power of automation, streamline processes and provide transparent overviews to help you stay on top of it all.