What is Zazoon?

Driven by a vision for better governance and performance, Zazoon is a versatile solution that can be applied to a wide range of industries and yet is designed to meet the needs of an individual customer.

technology and IT
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Identifying threat points

of audit teams lack a modern audit technology solution


of organisations see compliance assessments, controls and policy and process updates as biggest compliance challenges


organisations have experienced a breach within the last 12 months


of organisations do not exercise appropriate due diligence with all 3rd parties before allowing them access to sensitive data

Due to operational improvements and organisation-wide internal control system, our tool is designed to help you run business processes more efficiently and reduce costs
Our solution improves the data collection and provides quality information for all stakeholders, which gives you the right foundation to make quality decisions
Our modules are developed based on international standards to help both small and large organisations manage enterprise risk with confidence


Internal Control System

Improve performance and operational efficiency by installing control mechanisms

  • Overview of processes that improve performance and operational efficiency
  • Install control mechanisms and reduce errors
  • Improve reliability of financial reports and comply with laws and regulations
  • Secure, protect and account organisational resources and assets (employees, equipment, inventory, data etc)
  • Set up monitoring activities to strengthen the efficiency and identify internal control weaknesses

Process Management

Bring more organisation and consistency by creating and managing key processes

  • Meet better quality requirements
  • Bring more organisation and consistency
  • Minimise errors and repetitive tasks due to human inefficiency
  • Improve organisational workflows

Risk Management

Assess and analyse risks and develop strategies to maximise organisational success

  • Assess and analyse risks and develop strategies to maximise organisational success
  • Reduce the likelihood and severity of potential project risks by identifying them early and minimising their potential negative consequences
  • Unexpected incidents will be less likely to occur and have less of an impact when they do, potentially saving the organisation a lot of financial capital
  • With a solid process in place, it is easy to buy-in to high ROI risk management initiatives and facilitate risk managers’ roles

Vendor Management

Assess your vendors and mitigate potential risks

  • Track your suppliers and provide the data you need to identify supplier risks
  • Assess and make the necessary steps to mitigate identified risks or choose an alternative vendor
  • Can significantly drive administrative efficiencies – as a central hub for vendor master data and record keeping
  • Cut down on duplication of data, loss of contracts and other information, administrative labour costs and errors

Policy Management

Communicate clearer to stakeholders by creating and sharing organisational policies and guidelines

  • High-level principles that clarify the culture of a company
  • Shape decisions by providing structure for daily activities
  • Assist the company when dealing with matters of safety, health, employee accountability and legal or regulatory adherence
  • Help to foster fair treatment and employee wellness, ensuring that regulations and laws that govern these matters have been obeyed

Data Protection

Manage all processing activities and technical and organisational measures to tackle data protection compliance risks

  • Produce all necessary legal documents needed for a potential review by national authorities
  • Reduce reputational risks from having implemented poor protection of personal protection rights
  • Track all data processing activities involved with collecting, storing, processing, accessing, transmitting, sharing and disposing of the data
  • Assess and score your data protection security based on your implemented protection measures


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Our Board

Walter Jucker


Walter is an entrepreneurial senior management professional with international experience in building and growing businesses around innovative products.

Danish Nabil Khokhar

CTO and Member of the Board

Nabil is a senior cybersecurity and IT professional with 20+ years of experience in leading, coaching, mentoring large global teams.

Richard Maximilian Beck

Member of the Board

Richard is a Data Protection commissioner with a vast experience in business development and HR management.


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