Biden and Putin met in Geneva: cybersecurity is one of the key areas

The meeting represented a watershed moment for the prominence of cybersecurity on the global agenda. Not only will it ensure that cybersecurity remains a recurring agenda point in future bilateral discussions between these two nations, but it will also be a prompt for other nations to reflect upon their cybersecurity posture, given that cyber threats transcend national borders.

What Europe’s SMEs need to do for a cybersecure future

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) constitute 99% of businesses in the EU and face diverse cybersecurity challenges including low management awareness and commitment. In a time of heightened threats and remote work, a low-security budget and lack of cyber skills can seriously impact SMEs' competitiveness. By strengthening resilience across the whole value chain, the EU can take full advantage of digital transformation and the benefits of a digital single market.

Cybersecurity study: SolarWinds attack cost affected companies an average of $12 million

New survey finds that the attack also motivated more information sharing within the industry and improved supply chain security. The good news is that security teams are beefing up network defenses, but the bad news is that most companies have recently suffered a cybersecurity incident that required a board meeting. That's the analysis from the 2021 Cybersecurity Impact Report from IronNet. 

Hacking satellites in space: The First European Conference CYSAT’21 in Davos, Switzerland

CYSEC, a Swiss cybersecurity company, is co-organizing with AP-Swiss, the Ambassador Platform of the European Space Agency’s Applications programme in Switzerland, the first event dedicated to cybersecurity for satellites in Europe. CYSAT ’21 will gather leading players from the European space industry in Davos, Switzerland, to share challenges and solutions related to cyber risks in space.

These are the cybersecurity start-ups in Switzerland

The latest edition of the Swiss Cybersecurity Start-up Map is out. Two new start-ups were recorded in the current quarter.


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